Book favorites

I've been reading a lot these past few weeks and if I finished one book I will keep finding another book to read. I've read books about how to declutter to fiction books. I love beauty books too. I gathered a bunch of my favorite books that I think is awesome. Yes, I'm still reading [...]


I love yoo – Webtoon review

It's been long since I last posted a Webtoon review. While I'm not writing any blog posts, I enjoy reading  I love yoo. One of the Webtoons that make me blush and it's worth the wait every week. I've finished one of the Webtoons that one of my readers have suggested. "Bastard" was a thrilling [...]

Stationery haul

Heyy. Who loves cute stationeries? đź’• I'm one of those who loves them. Let alone spend money just to have cute things. I will tell you my stationeries for studying. These are just 3 of my stationery. One of these items have been popular in SNS. I'm happy to have them. We are motivated to [...]

Winter Woods : Review

Summer is fun because of the webtoon Winter Woods. I have interests on mangas, webtoons, anime, etc. And I found this webtoon with a unique story and has cute and lovable characters! The creators are really good. It has shocking twists. I'm in season 2 now and still continuing to read it! Loving it. Here's [...]