Midnight snacks

Food is the best! We all know that. Soooo I’m excited to show you all what is our midnight snacks. First is the perfect popcorn!! Salt flavor!


I cook bad!! Our mom said she wants popcorn so we cooked for her so I cooked the first batch and it burned! (I didn’t put oil) haha LOL. I actually thought cooking popcorn is just easy and without oil but my sister saw what I’m cooking because of the smell of the popcorn so yummy and attractive. It was burning! Good thing my sisters helped me. It was all black! Haha. Next time I’ll do it with oil.

This is my experiment! Ice cream cone with nutella inside! I tried this because the food in the house was just a ice cream cone and some spreadsss! So I thought to make a different food! I love nutella so yeah I tried to make this!


Yup! This is the results. I tasted it it was yummy at first but when you come to the middle full of nutella your like “ouch!” Because it’s so sweet your teeth will ache!!!!! So bad!


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