5 best apps for bloggers

Hey bloggers! Thinking of apps for you? Well your in the right place.

Here are my top 5 apps for bloggers.

1. WordPress wordpress_logo1

This is for WordPress users. If your not using WordPress then you can skip. If you have a tablet or phone you will need a WordPress app for writing new posts wherever you go. My favorite place in writing blog posts is in a cafe.

2. Twitter    Twitter-Logo

If your a blogger you will really need a twitter account since twitter is really good for sharing links.

3. Instagram  instagram-logo-796x404.png

If your a fashion blogger or food blogger its best to have an instagram account for your photos.

4. VSCO  VSCO logo

Okay, everyone knows this app cause its just the best in editing photos. Its really essential for bloggers because being a blogger means having good photos and good editing.

5. Bloglovin’  bloglovin logo

This one is my favorite because you can find new blogs here.

Thank you for reading! I hope that you enjoyed it! If you want to tag me on your photos on instgram just use the hashtag #AjNavarroSo and I’ll see it! Have a good summer! 😉




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