Fairy tale story SOON!

Lots of us love fiction and magic. I decided to put up a story on my blog. I will upload the parts of the story every week. I’m still writing it by the way. I want to be a writer. Because I’m so inspired by authors. They write up to 400 pages and more. And I just want to be a writer and experience on how to write a book. So I hope you will like how I will write. And please comment down below if you want to suggest any kind of story because I’m still building the story.

I really can’t believe it that I’m going to write a story sort of like a book! Follow me on my twitter account to see if its already uploaded. Stay tune for it! I’m actually into reading these days… Most of the stories that I’ve been reading is that the main character is always a writer. They have this journal to write down ideas for their books. It’s just amazing how authors come up with a bunch of ideas in just a short period of time.

The story that I’ve been writing is still 10% finish. So I think it will take me maybe a month or so. I know right! I’m a slow writer ad even ideas just don’t easily pop up in my head. But anyways I’ll do my best to make it interesting and really awesome. Put your ideas in the comments section below, I’ll be happy to read it! Maybe every part of the story that will be posted every week will be maybe 5 paragraphs long or if you want it can be 10 I will do it! Well 10 is just many :). It’s fiction and the rest is secret! Next week I’ll post a short description about the whole story.

It’ll be fun! Stay  updated to my twitter account! Thank you for reading and for having your time today.


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