Baking, the best thing to do when your bored. It makes you really happy when it’s a success. Sometimes you may burn it but sometimes you may enjoy it.

Hi! It’s me again. So… It is my first time baking cupcakes! And it makes me really happy to see it a success. With the help of my sister, it was really yummy. I made a buttercream frosting too and it was a little failure because we had no powdered sugar so… yeah. So I was really happy to make my very first cupcake! We actually went to a food exhibition and found some store selling things for baking cupcakes. We bought a frosting bag and a frosting metal something that I really don’t know what it is called and some cupcake cardboard something 🙂 So sorry that I really don’t know the words.


(The buttercream frosting melted LOL)

We bought the things and after that day I went to volleyball training which was really tiring, after the training, me and my sister baked some cupcakes which is more tiring, so I was really tired that day. But everything was a success! Except for the frosting. The frosting was 50 50 success and failure. But when I was mixing the butter and sugar it was really looking like a frosting which was really one.


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