Oh my glob! Guys, I know “Wonder” Is like an old book. What i mean is that it is published years ago but I just read it this 2016! It’s so inspiring and I learned a lot of new things here. I really suggest you to read it if you haven’t. I, like, literally like reading kid’s books. Like “The school for good and evil” trilogy. I feel like when I read YA books it’s like reading the dictionary. Do you know what i mean? Sometimes when I don’t know a word and just search the dictionary and read the meaning but I still don’t understand the meaning. If you know what I mean, like this blog post! 🙂

2016-06-16 07.20.53 1.jpg

Fun fact: I am a slow reader. So if you finished this book for only 3 days then… You’re fantastic! I finished the book in just a week. I’m improving! Just kidding 😀

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After i have read “The school for good and evil” trilogy, I had a hard time finding new reads. But when we went to a bookstore with my sisters, they suggested “Wonder”. I asked them “How do you know it’s a good book?” Then my sisters told me “Look at the back of the book, it has a lot of awards. It should be good” yeah, yeah.. It is. After I finished the book my sisters wanted to read it too. It’s really good! Hey, I have an idea. If you have a book to suggest, then comment it down below and we’ll help each other by suggesting new reads every week! A book club would be awesome! But let’s start with small. Comment your suggestions below and let’s help each other! Isn’t that great! Like “No suffering in finding new reads. Yay!

Thank you for reading this new blog post! I’ll keep on posting for more! Don’t forget to suggest in the comments section! And if you want to know about me more then follow me on my social medias! If i reached 350 followers on Instagram then I’ll make a 20 fun facts about me! Let’s get to know each other more. I know that 350 is small but everybody always starts small. Let’s say goodbye for now. Thanks for reading.




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