Back to school

Oh my goodness I can’t believe school days are near! Stationary stores would be full of people and also bookstores. We shopped school supplies on the month of May since we thought that if we shop at June there will be long lines, tons of people, and lots of things going on. To be honest, I don’t like crowded places so better shop early than shop with lots of people! Who loves long lines? Nobody right?

Back to school pic.

I hope you a had a lot of fun when it was still summer! Prepare to wake up early! I think for me back to school is really exciting. The first day of school is really exciting but when your attending school regularly, like waking up early, doing project, assignments.. That’s not exciting but Don’t be discouraged! Back to school is when you meet new friends, new classroom, new chairs… Right? Wait, meet new chairs? Classrooms? Hahah anyways well just think on the bright side.

The most essential things that you must bring at school is just a journal or planner or a bullet journal, but if your not that kind of person then download Google Keep on your phone which is really helpful. And just sticky notes with a really good pen and your good to go! I need a journal and sticky notes cause I forget things easily and that really stinks. I also bring an emergency pouch!

My emergency pouch includes or hygiene pouch:

  1. Comb
  2. Mirror
  3. and many more that I cannot count!

I hope you have the best school year!




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