My Time management

Hey! If your busy, then you can relate. I am a student and an athlete at the same time. I am just new in volleyball but it’s really fun to play and train. I really don’t like it when I can’t attend training’s because I’m either sick or for my family outings. I actually haven’t came up with my time schedule but I think I am just ready to do everything without planning. As a high school student, I’ve been very busy studying since I want to have a good future when I’m in college and when I’m done in college. I hope that these things that I will tell you will give you some ideas on time management. Yeah, every one of us are stressed out or pressured but there’s always a way out of that stress and that thing called pressure.

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Time Management
  1. I have a journal with me every where

Wherever I go I always bring my bullet journal. What I love about bullet journals is that I can write anything inside my journal. The whole notebook is empty so you gotta design it on your own. And that’s what i love about bullet journals. I put my schedules there, assignments, reminders, all in one place.

2. I do things earlier

You must do things more early. So that you won’t have to hurry up whenever your late. Set an alarm, or write on your planner. Whenever I go home from school, I only have 30 minutes to get changed for our training so I do things really early that every after school I walk as fast as I can to go home to get changed. And it’s a really good habit too. People will think of you as a professional.

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Nike… Yeah… I love Nike πŸ˜‰

3. Prepare earlier

Preparing earlier is the best thing, because you won’t have to rush when your late. You’ll just get your bag and things will just be alright. Feeling early is the best feeling.

2016-07-15 04.37.48 1.jpg

I love ANTA too!!

4. Last but not the least you have to find a time for yourself

In here, you will do whatever you want to do. You can reward yourself since your early. Practice your favorite sport or play your favorite game or read your favorite books. I love this one because it’s the time just for yourself. You can self-evaluate. You can play with your dog.

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Thanks for reading! Hope your enjoyed it and had some awesome ideas about time management as a student. πŸ™‚

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