Hey sweetiess 😄 I’m happy that I get to write again in my blog. It’s been a year or half. There’s so many things that has happened from August to February 2016-2017. I didn’t get to write for the new year. But I’ll write about what has happened so far..

1. I joined our volleyball instrams and got to be in the mythical 6! 😘

2. Bought tons of books and cute things 😝

3. I was in the top ten students in our class

4. Bought new shoes for the sport I love 💚

5. Got to learn how to tie my hair into a bun 😂 (LOL. Yes, I didn’t know how before.)

6. I didn’t procrastinate much 😉

7. I achieved so many thingss

Looking back at all the things that have happened, I feel very happy for what I have accomplished in just months. Hope you have a good day! Summer is near and the sun is getting hotter. Always bring a fan with you 😆


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