Winter Woods : Review

Summer is fun because of the webtoon Winter Woods. I have interests on mangas, webtoons, anime, etc. And I found this webtoon with a unique story and has cute and lovable characters! The creators are really good. It has shocking twists. I’m in season 2 now and still continuing to read it! Loving it.

Here’s the story of winter woods that I just copied in webtoon 🙂 Enjoy reading it!

“A few thousand years has passed since an alchemist created Winter. He is now living with Jane learning what it means to be alive as a human.”

It is one of the famous webtoon series! I’m having mixed feelings and sometimes I cry and sometimes I laugh.

winter woods header.jpg

The story is really touching and has a lot of life lessons in it. If you start reading it, you can’t stop wanting to click the “next” button. I fell in love with the story as well as with the characters. The art is cute and it has a feeling of realness. The creator drew them so well that it will make you cry when there’s a sad episode. I think this story taught me the real emotions that a person should have to be a real person like be kind and have a heart or what a person really has to become to be a real person. Like some attitudes if you get it, hahahah sorry.

It’s also heart-warming. The emotions you feel towards Winter and also with other characters in the story.


(Copyright to the owner. From Pinterest)

It has also some sense of humor. That’s why people like it because of it’s romance, humor, story, etc. You will learn a lot about friendship and relationships. It makes me go like this.. hahaha


I hope you enjoyed my review! I  love this webtoon to really make a review for it! If you want more reviews to see about webtoons, then like this post to let me know that you want to have another review! I enjoyed writing this (Even though it’s short) Well, I always write short blog posts 😀


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