Lookism: Review

Hey guys! Since I had a really good response on my “Winter Woods: Review” post, I have decided to make another exciting review all about Lookism. Another webtoon has been uploaded to webtoon and it’s name is Lookism by Taejoon Park. It has been released in mangas for a long time now but to webtoon readers, it’s new. My sister recommended it to me and I tried reading it and when I read chapter two, that’s when I loved it!

It’s updated daily and here’s the description. I got the description in the Webtoons app.

“A miracle is about to happen to an unattractive loner guy”

It’s a very interesting story of a loner guy that is often bullied. And (No spoilers but just one exciting news *wink) when you keep reading till chapter 3 or 4 you’ll see a very handsome character.


The main character is really handsome and muscular. I think if I would be asked what are my top 3 apps to download on my phone, one of them would be Webtoon! Taejoon Park really made an interesting story with awesome characters.

It was just uploaded on June 4. This is one of the Webtoons that you should be waiting to update everyday.


I’ll just put out more pictures of the main character. These pictures aren’t mine, I just searched them in the net. The art is so real too. You can feel the feels when there’s a sad scene or a sad chapter.

tumblr_nwsyx3htPK1r6dvv7o1_1280                                                                            Cutie 😘

If you want to check my other Webtoon review here’s the link:


Like this post for more fun and exciting reviews! Comment to suggest any Webtoon.


I’ll rate it 4/5



3 thoughts on “Lookism: Review

  1. Nice to see another Webtoon fan. Anyway, you seem to lean more towards drama and fantasy, so here are some recommendations: Dr. Frost, Annarasumanara, and Space Boy. Another one that I highly recommend would be Bastard, which is a psychological thriller.


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