Stationery haul

Heyy. Who loves cute stationeries? πŸ’• I’m one of those who loves them. Let alone spend money just to have cute things. I will tell you my stationeries for studying. These are just 3 of my stationery. One of these items have been popular in SNS. I’m happy to have them.

We are motivated to study when we have cute stationeries or cute items to use to study. These highlighters that I picked aren’t strong to the eyes except the two highlighter that I bought for having no other choice πŸ‘Ž

Anyways 😜

1. Pastel Stabilo

These are light to the eyes and when you highlight it to your books, it’s more easy to read. And it is so cute to look at. These are always seen in SNS as designs to your planners or notes. It is a great way to design too. It makes the color or the design pop with it.
It’s around 300 pesos. I bought 6 highlighters. Their all the Pantone color of course πŸ’…

Its cool cause you can choose which color to use for each subject. And you can also use it like this for example:
Purple: Science

Yellow: Math

Pink: English

Orange: Social Studies


They’re cool. That’s an essential for me. 

2. Neon highlighters

These are strong to the eyes but it helps me study. He color yellow ad orange let me study well even though they’re neon. Its ok if you don’t like neon, you can choose pastels.

These highlighters have this cute handle design on the the end.

And they’re also from stabilo πŸ‘Œ

3. Planner

A planner helps you stick with your schedule. If you procrastinate a lot thus fits for you. Having deadlines is essential to to do lists. It’s to know when you need to do it and/or finish it.

I picked my planned on a bookstore obviously πŸ˜‚ Its Keep Sake planner. It has monthly quotes with an evealutaion of everything that happened in the year. It has dotted pages and has cute flower gradient design on the cover. 

That’s it! Thank you for reading. Like this post if you want more haul things. And comment to let me know what topic you want me to do next. 


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