I love yoo – Webtoon review

It’s been long since I last posted a Webtoon review. While I’m not writing any blog posts, I enjoy reading  I love yoo. One of the Webtoons that make me blush and it’s worth the wait every week. I’ve finished one of the Webtoons that one of my readers have suggested. “Bastard” was a thrilling Webtoon. It was full of mysteries and friendship lessons. After reading, I was sad that it ended but it ended in a happy ending. Soon after, I found this Webtoon, I love yoo. These character’s roles are really cute. I think I could be Shin-Ae sometimes in some situations.

This Webtoon is made by one of my favorite artists: Quimchee. As you all know I looovee Webtoons so let’s get right into the review.

The funny chapters made this Webtoon worth the wait. With some real situations I can relate to. My crush is Kousuke. He’s a man with elegant poise, deep vocabulary, and a man passionate in desserts. He’s really conscious about food cleanliness 😂


Shin-Ae is one of my favorites too because she’s funny. She cares about her father. She has a sad past but she’s brave and strong. She loves free food 😋. She loves games too 👍.

Read this Webtoon to laugh 👌.  By the way this post is not sponsored or anything it’s just me who loves it 😉


Another main character is Nol. His ginger hair and nice body will make a girl fall in love 😍 (FYI: He wears glasses. plus points 😂)

He have this seducing green emerald eyes. The second photo though 😂

You will see a lot of interesting characters and cute ones! These photos are found in Google. They’re not mine! I suggest this Webtoon for you to enjoy. For more Webtoon reviews, like this post and suggest some other fun Webtoons for me to read. Thank you for reading!




3 thoughts on “I love yoo – Webtoon review

  1. I also blog about Webtoons a lot…here are some suggestions (you may have read them already, but, eh): Dr. Frost, it’s one of my favorites. Kinda like House M.D, but psychology. It has a third season in Korea, but it hasn’t been translated yet. As of now, it has one heck of a cliffhanger.
    I really liked Bastard, it’s an amazing psychological thriller.
    Annarasumanara is beautiful in every way that counts: art, story, characters…
    Space Boy is just adorable, with a great story that’s slow but not too slow.
    And those are only a few of my recommendations!


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