Book favorites

I’ve been reading a lot these past few weeks and if I finished one book I will keep finding another book to read. I’ve read books about how to declutter to fiction books. I love beauty books too. I gathered a bunch of my favorite books that I think is awesome. Yes, I’m still reading webtoons of course. Found another webtoon that I want to share with all of you. Let’s get to it.

The School for Good and Evil Quest for Glory by Soman Chainani

This book is the book four of “The School for Good and Evil” series. I’ve read the series and this book was just released this year. I’m excited to read this because the first three books takes you on an unforgetable adventure. This book is mixed with comedy, romance, and action. This is a magical book about magics and completing quests to help their old classmates complete their own quests.


(This image is from Goodreads)

You gotta start with book one of course. It’s about Agatha and Sophie living their own separate lives after “The tale of Sophie and Agatha.” They have their own quests given to them by the dean. Until the woods had several disasters and classmates not able to complete their quests, Agatha and Sophia will reunite again to solve the quest that will help save their classmates from danger.

Mixed with romance you can’t not blush when it’s Hort’s scene! No spoilers intended. The thrill is real and it’s time to solve the quest with Sophia and Agatha.

The life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo

This book is written by Marie Kondo, a japanese cleaning consultant that takes tidying to a whole new level.

In this book, she talks about her secrets in tidying and do’s and don’ts when it comes to tidying. It helped me a lot too. And it gives you the boost to tidy. With her passion and love for tidying inspires you to tidy well also.


(This image is from Goodreads)

It has tips and tricks inside too. In this book, she shares her secrets in effective tidying.

Unnie, you’re so pretty

This book is about beauty tips and fashion tips about Korea. I was just walking around the book store and saw this cute pink book.

I was convinced and read the description and bought it quickly. It’s filled with products you should use for the type of skin you have and fashion and makeup tips.


(Picture from Summit Media)

Thank you for reading! These books are just my suggestions and own opinions. Hope you enjoyed it.

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