Book favorites

I’ve been reading a lot these past few weeks and if I finished one book I will keep finding another book to read. I’ve read books about how to declutter to fiction books. I love beauty books too. I gathered a bunch of my favorite books that I think is awesome. Yes, I’m still reading […]

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I love yoo – Webtoon review

It’s been long since I last posted a Webtoon review. While I’m not writing any blog posts, I enjoy reading  I love yoo. One of the Webtoons that make me blush and it’s worth the wait every week. I’ve finished one of the Webtoons that one of my readers have suggested. “Bastard” was a thrilling […]

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Lookism: Review

Hey guys! Since I had a really good response on my “Winter Woods: Review” post, I have decided to make another exciting review all about Lookism. Another webtoon has been uploaded to webtoon and it’s name is Lookism by Taejoon Park. It has been released in mangas for a long time now but to webtoon […]

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Oh my glob! Guys, I know “Wonder” Is like an old book. What i mean is that it is published years ago but I just read it this 2016! It’s so inspiring and I learned a lot of new things here. I really suggest you to read it if you haven’t. I, like, literally like reading […]

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