Back to school

Oh my goodness I can’t believe school days are near! Stationary stores would be full of people and also bookstores. We shopped school supplies on the month of May since we thought that if we shop at June there will be long lines, tons of people, and lots of things going on. To be honest, […]

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Baking, the best thing to do when your bored. It makes you really happy when it’s a success. Sometimes you may burn it but sometimes you may enjoy it. Hi! It’s me again. So… It is my first time baking cupcakes! And it makes me really happy to see it a success. With the help […]

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Oh my glob! Guys, I know “Wonder” Is like an old book. What i mean is that it is published years ago but I just read it this 2016! It’s so inspiring and I learned a lot of new things here. I really suggest you to read it if you haven’t. I, like, literally like reading […]

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Fairy tale story SOON!

Lots of us love fiction and magic. I decided to put up a story on my blog. I will upload the parts of the story every week. I’m still writing it by the way. I want to be a writer. Because I’m so inspired by authors. They write up to 400 pages and more. And […]

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5 best apps for bloggers

Hey bloggers! Thinking of apps for you? Well your in the right place. Here are my top 5 apps for bloggers. 1. WordPress  This is for WordPress users. If your not using WordPress then you can skip. If you have a tablet or phone you will need a WordPress app for writing new posts wherever […]

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My Bloglovin account

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hey, today I made a Bloglovin account! Check it out with the link on the top. I love Bloglovin since its a site and app for bloggers. There are different blogs there. You can discover new blogs and you can sign up for free. Check mine. And follow my blog […]

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Bullet journal

So… I was browsing on youtube and saw a really cute thumbnail and I clicked the video. It was entitled “How I organize my bullet journal” I’m not sure if that’s the title but anyways I liked the way she designed it. So I was so inspired to get one. I need it to plan […]

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